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Chevy Vehicle Technology | Come see the Chevy MyLink System at Hank Graff Chevrolet Okemos

At Hank Graff Chevrolet Okemos, you’ll find a full line of Chevy cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers equipped with the latest Chevy vehicle technology. All of the new Chevy models come with convenient and easy to use technology. Come visit our dealership near Lansing, MI to get to know the Chevy MyLink system, which is just what you need to stay comfortable and connected on the road. MyLink can help you find your destination, play the song you’ve had stuck in your head, or make a hands-free phone call. Call or visit us to learn more about this exciting Chevy vehicle technology!

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Chevy MyLink Entertainment System

The Chevy MyLink Entertainment System is great feature of the latest Chevy vehicle technology. You can use your personal playlist or music aps like Pandora, Gracenote, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, or Stitcher Smart Radio to stream your favorite music. MyLink allows you to use either the color touch screen or simple voice commands to select the song you want to play. With MyLink, you’ll always be entertained while driving, and you’ll never have to take your eyes off the road.


Chevy MyLink Navigation

The Chevy MyLink navigation system will ensure that you never get lost, whether you’re driving down the block or across the country. MyLink allows you to access turn-by-turn directions through OnStar or SiriusXM Travel Link. OnStar can send you directions directly to the touchscreen in your car 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, While SiriusXM Travel Link can help you find directions, cheap fuel, movie schedules, and more. Come by Hank Graff Chevrolet Okemos to see this amazing new Chevy vehicle technology for yourself.

Mobile apps

Chevy MyLink Mobile Apps and Connecting Devices

It’s fast and easy to connect your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device to the Chevy MyLink Entertainment System. Following just a few simple steps, you’ll have your phone connected to your Chevy car, truck, SUV, or crossover, allowing you to make hands-free phone calls and much more through Chevy MyLink. You can also connect your device to Chevy MyLink with a USB cable, so you’ll always be connected to your entertainment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Customizing Your MyLink Homepage

Can I have more than one homepage on Chevy MyLink?
Yes! With Chevrolet MyLink you can have multiple homepages, so the features you use will always be accessible, while the ones you don’t use as much will be on other pages.
Can I customize my homepage on Chevrolet MyLink?
Absolutely! You can organize the icons on your Chevrolet MyLink homepage so they’re the most convenient for you. Only your first homepage is customizable, however.
Can I change the number of icons that are displayed on my Chevrolet MyLink homepage?
You can have up to eight (8) icons on your homepage. If you don’t want to see that many, you can move them to your next homepage, although you can’t delete them entirely. If you want to access these features later, just scroll to your next homepage using the “next” on your screen.

Connecting with USB

Why doesn’t the system recognize my USB?
Although it doesn’t happen often, software on the drive may be conflicting with the MyLink system. To solve the problem, we suggest trying a different USB or formatting your USB before using it.
What file formats are supported by Chevrolet MyLink for songs and playlists?
For songs, MyLink supports many popular file formats, including MP3, WMA, and AAC. MyLink supports M3U standard and extended, iTunes, PLS, WAX, ASX, and RMP as playlist file formats.
Why isn’t the music on my USB being indexed by Chevrolet MyLink?
If you have files other than music and pictures on your USB, they could interfere with the system indexing your music. We would recommend clearing your USB of additional files if you plan to connect it with Chevrolet MyLink. If this is not the issue, it could be that there is special security or encryption software on your USB thumb drive. Also, the system may not support that format of device (e.g., Microsoft Zune)

Streaming Audio with Bluetooth

How do I connect my Bluetooth-enabled phone to the Chevrolet MyLink system?
To get started, be sure the Bluetooth feature on your phone is turned on. Then press the voice recognition button on your car’s steering wheel. When you hear it say, “please say a command”, simply say “pair” or “connect.” Next, check your phone to see if it has recognized the vehicle, and select the vehicle to start pairing. Once you confirm that you want to pair your vehicle and your phone, you should see an icon representing your phone on your vehicle’s screen.
I have an older phone that is Bluetooth-enabled? Will it work with the Chevrolet MyLink system?
Most Bluetooth-enabled phones are compatible with Chevy MyLink, although your older phone may not support all of Chevy MyLInk’s many features. Even if this is the case for your phone, you’ll still be able to make hands-free calls using MyLink.

Pandora Radio

Why Isn’t MyLink accessing Pandora through my iPhone?
If your iPhone is connected to MyLink and you still can’t access Pandora, we suggest double-checking that you have the most recent Pandora app on your iPhone, and that the phone is unlocked with no apps running in the background.
Why can’t I create a new Pandora station?
The Chevrolet MyLink system does not allow you to create new Pandora stations. In order to do this, disconnect your smartphone and create your station, the reconnect to Chevrolet MyLink. You can also create a new Pandora Station on another web-enabled device.

Accessing Stitcher Smart Radio

How long does it usually take to access my Stitcher stations?
It usually takes about 30 seconds to access your Stitcher stations, but this is dependent upon the quality of your connection. Once the station has been accessed, you’ll be ready to listen to your show.
Why can’t I see my Sitcher album art and icons?
You may not be able to see the album art and thumbs-up/thumbs-down icons while you are using OnStar turn-by-turn navigation. They will be visible again when you exit turn-by-turn mode.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Do I need to subscribe to SiriusXM Satellite Radio in order to use it with the Chevy MyLink system?
Chevrolet MyLink is a handy tool that allows you to access your SiriusXM channels, but you can’t take advantage of this feature unless you have a SiriusXM Satellite Radio subscription. Most new Chevy vehicles come with 3 free months of SiriusXM Satellite Radio, after which time you can choose to purchase a subscription or not.
Does my phone need to be connected to MyLink in order to use SiriusXM Radio?
SiriusXM Radio channels are satellite-based, so you do not have to connect your phone.

USB Media Devices

Why isn’t Chevrolet MyLink indexing the music from my USB?
It’s a good idea to remove non-music files from your USB before connecting to MyLink, as these could interfere with the connection. If there are only music files on your USB device, it may have security or encryption software that is preventing MyLink from indexing your music. Be aware that MyLink does not support some devices, including Microsoft Zune.
Does Chevrolet MyLink store my music on its hard drive?
No, Chevrolet MyLink only allows you to access your music through your connected phone or other device. While the system has an integrated memory, which allows it to remember the list whenever you connect that device, it does not have a hard drive.


What is Gracenote?
Gracenote is a component of the Chevy vehicle technology that identifies your music, making it easy for you to acces your songs with voice commands. When you connect your device to the Chevy MyLink system, Gracenote will index your songs, fill in missing information, display album art, and assign tags and nicknames to your songs.
Will the missing information filled in by Gracenote show up on my device as well?
No, Gracenote is not able to fill in any missing information on your device because it is embedded in the MyLink system only.

Voice Commands

Why doesn’t Chevrolet MyLink the phone number I’m saying?
The voice recognition technology in the Chevy MyLink system is advanced, but technology is still not able to understand language the same way humans are. People tend to say phone numbers very quickly, often not pausing between numbers at all. You’ll have much better results with the voice recognition feature if you speak a little slower and try to remember to enunciate each number clearly.
Why doesn’t Chevrolet MyLink understand my voice command?
While the Chevy MyLink technology uses high-accuracy enhanced voice control technology, there are still a few factors that could interfere with optimal voice recognition. Some common sources of interference are loud noises from open windows or high fan speeds. Try closing your windows, turning your fans down, and reducing any other sources of background noise if possible. If this does not solve your problem, you may be starting your voice command too soon after the beep. Try waiting a second before beginning your command.
Can the Chevy MyLink system recognize any word I say?
The voice recognition software in the Chevy MyLink system is highly advanced and accurate. While it is capable recognizing many simple commands and most names, it may not recognize every word you say, including nickname or slang terms.

Sirius XM Travel Link

Does SiriusXM Travel Link come with my SiriusXM Satellite Radio trial?
Yes! You’ll get SiriusXM Travel Link as part of the 90-day SiriusXM Satellite Radio trial that comes standard with every new Chevy car, truck, SUV, and crossover. If you like SiriusXM Travel Link, you can purchase a subscription along with your SiriusXM Satellite Radio subscription once your free trial is over.
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