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Battery Inspections and Replacements Are An Important Part of Winter Car Care at Graff Chevy Okemos

Winter can be rough on us with the blustery cold wind, snow, and car troubles, and it can be even tougher on your vehicle’s battery. Very cold temperatures, like we experience in Michigan during the winter season, can affect your battery by slowing the chemical reactions that take place within. This can then affect the ability to start your car, especially first thing in the morning, and especially if your battery is old. Battery inspections and replacements are an important part of Winter Car Care at Graff Chevy Okemos, because they'll ensure your car will start normally on the coldest winter mornings and throughout the rest year! Our team at Graff Okemos would be happy to help with any Winter Car Care need you might have.

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Signs That Indicate You Need a New Battery

As with many vehicle components, your vehicle's battery unfortunately won't last forever. Time in between replacements can vary based on elements like your use and the climate. First, make a note of when you last had a battery installed in your vehicle. A battery will typically last 3-5 years. If you've had a battery in your car, crossover, truck, or SUV for that long, make sure to have it tested. Testing a battery isn’t safe to do at home, but it’s easy to have done at your next oil change by factory trained professionals. When you have your battery tested a part of your Winter Car Care routine, a technician will hook up an electronic tester to your battery, which will scan the condition and indicate the battery's health. Aside from having your vehicle's battery tested, you can look out for the following signs that indicate you need a new battery:

  • Swelling on the casing of your battery – This is often to blame from excessive heat and will greatly decrease your battery’s lifespan.
  • Your vehicle struggles to start – Especially in the cold weather, this is an indication that your battery is having trouble creating the chemical reaction needed to make the electrons necessary to start the engine.
  • Leaking causing visible corrosion – Corrosive residue on the positive and negative posts will often keep your vehicle from starting. It can be removed, but the leaking will continue and is not only unsafe but a sure sign that it’s time for a new battery.
  • The engine light will come on – This is your vehicle telling you that your battery does not have the proper power to start your vehicle and run the electric components around your vehicle.
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Schedule Auto Service and Maintenance Online This Winter at Graff in Okemos, MI

If you’re concerned about the age and condition of your battery you can have your battery inspected by our auto experts at Graff Chevrolet Okemos. You can schedule auto service and maintenance online this winter at Graff in Okemos, MI to help you save time. Our Certified Service Center is ready with factory trained technicians and professional equipment who would be happy to inspect your battery, replace your battery when necessary, and assist in any Winter Car Care and routine maintenance you might need. Call us at (517) 349-8300 with any questions or visit us at 1748 W. Grand River Ave, Okemos, MI 48864. We're happy to serve our neighbors in Dewitt, Haslett, East Lansing, Williamston, Holt, and beyond!