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Chevrolet – Offering an Innovative Approach to Safety

If you're in the market for a new car, you'll be pleased to know that advanced safety features are becoming much more accessible and standard on many new vehicles. Chevrolet understands the high priority drivers place on safety for themselves and their passengers, which is why they offer such an innovative approach. Many of the features that you can learn more about below not only focus on preventing accidents, but also help you form safer driving habits. Chevrolet categorizes these features into prevention, protection, and when equipped with OnStar, response, so you know you're covered from the moment you get in the driver’s seat to the moment you get out. Read a little bit about each innovative prevention safety feature below and stop by Graff Okemos to experience them first-hand in any new Chevrolet.

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Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control is one of the most advanced features that feels like self-driving technology. This feature allows you to set a following distance and speed, and your car will take it from there, speeding up and slowing down to match the traffic around you based on your settings. Adaptive Cruise Control is perfect for those who frequently travel the highway, especially when traffic is heavy.

Side blind zone alert

Side Blind Zone Alert

The Side Blind Zone Alert is a simple feature, operating by using a small indicator light on either side mirror to let you know that there's a vehicle in your blind spot. By using radars at the front and rear end of the vehicle, this system detects when there's another car approaching yours in either lane beside you. The indicator light on the mirror will remain lit until the system detects when your blind spot is clear so you know when it's safe to change lanes.

Lane keep assist

Lane Keep Assist Technology

Have you ever drifted unintentionally into the next lane or onto a shoulder on the road? This feature prevents drifting by using cameras at the front of the vehicle to detect and follow lines on the road. If the system detects you drifting, it will audibly and visually alert you. Unless you take action to correct the drift, the system will nudge the steering wheel to keep you within the lane. This feature can be turned on and off but is extremely helpful in preventing accidents.

Rear vision camera

Rear Vision Camera

The Rear Vision Camera isn't a new feature but it comes with helpful notifications to make you more aware of your surroundings as you back up. This feature is activated when the vehicle is put into reverse and displays the view from behind on the interior display screen with guidelines if a parking spot is detected. Due to a recent government mandate, all new cars must include a rearview camera by 2018, but all new GM vehicles already come standard with this feature.

Forward safety awareness

Forward Safety Awareness

Using a camera or radar at the front of the vehicle, similar to Adaptive Cruise Control, the Forward Safety Awareness feature offers alerts if a there's a slowing vehicle in your path. If the vehicle you're following suddenly comes too close, this feature will also deploy automatic braking to help avoid rear-end collisions. This feature is especially helpful to use on the highway in heavy traffic.

Rear cross traffic alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

The Rear Cross Traffic Alert is another great feature that will assist in backing up or reversing. This feature uses radars at the rear of the vehicle to detect vehicles approaching from either the right or left. If the system detects an oncoming car, it will audibly and visibly alert the driver. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature and Rear Vision Camera make for easy backing up anywhere.

Intellibeam headlamps

IntelliBeam Headlamps

If you regularly travel the back roads in the dark, this feature will be especially helpful for you. These headlamps, available on many new Chevys, will automatically turn on and off your high-beams and low-beams as they're needed dependent on the available light outside. The system uses radars at the front of the vehicle to detect oncoming traffic, so you won't blind other drivers with your high-beam lights.

Onstar automatic crash response

OnStar® Automatic Crash Response

If your Chevrolet is equipped with OnStar® and you're a subscriber, you'll find peace of mind in the Automatic Crash Response feature. This feature will alert an advisor of your location and allow them to connect to your vehicle's audio system to check in on you in the event of a crash. Most new Chevrolets come with 3 months free of OnStar® service, but past that period this service is well worth considering for the other various features.



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At Graff Okemos, providing you with a vehicle that's safe is a priority! We're proud to provide a large selection of new and used Chevrolet vehicles, which include many of the innovative safety features mentioned above. We highly recommend checking out the Model Overview pages for the Chevy vehicles you're interested in to learn more about what features are included. If you're looking for any specific features in your next car, crossover, truck, or SUV, let our team at Graff Okemos know so that we can help you find the perfect Chevrolet. Give our team a call at (517) 349-8300 with any questions you have regarding these safety features, or visit our dealership at 1748 W Grand River Ave, Okemos, MI 48864 to experience Chevy's innovative safety features hands-on.